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On world renowned Playa Hermosa in Jacó, Costa Rica.

The economy and infrastructure of Costa Rica is very stable. The majority of the population has formal education and enjoys a mid to high income standard of living relative to the average in this part of the world.

There is no military in Costa Rica as funds for the Military have been funneled into Costa Rica’s Education and Health Care Systems. This is evident in its obvious growth and prosperity and why it continues to attract infrastructure investment and physicians from around the world.

Costa Rica is also very safe! You will see police patrolling both the highways and the communities regularly. In fact, visitors report that walking the streets of Jacó feels just as safe as if walking at home. This is attributable to the warm and friendly residents but also because all streets and communities are regularly patrolled by Uniformed Police on foot, on bike or by vehicle.

Hermosa Palms is a gated community situated 10 minutes from Jacó. Entrance beyond this gate is only permitted by a Guard at all times (24/7). The guard will identify you before entering and will take notes regarding departure times.

The grounds of the Hermosa Palms community are patrolled regularly by one guard on a bike traveling through the community by bike ensuring that all is well – around the clock. There is also a second guard who patrols the community and usually monitors activity around the beach and pool area ensuring those areas are safe and secure – again, this surveillance is 24/7!