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On world renowned Playa Hermosa in Jacó, Costa Rica.

useful local contacts

Note that the country calling code for Costa Rica is +506 while 011 is the international access code when calling from North America.

car rental

Zuma rent-a-car, located in downtown Jacó (on the main street). They will pick you up at the airport at no extra charge!

office: (011) (506) 2643-1528

Kevin's airport transfer service

They will pick you up at airport or drive you from Hermosa Palms to the airport from about $90.00 each way.

office: (011) (506) 2643-2604
cell: (011) (506) 8340-5182

Jacó canopy tour

contact: Robert Corea
cell: (011) (506) 8705-1913
office: (011) (506) 2643-6428

horse tour

contact: Alexander Cascante
office: (011) (506) 2643-1161
cell: (011) (506) 8886-4922

Getting to and from Casa Savannah is very easy. Either follow our directions below or pick up a map!

getting to Casa Savannah

The Civic Address is #34 Hermosa Palms, Hermosa Beach (Playa Hermosa), 10 minutes south of Jacó. Jacó is pronounced as “Hawko” (replace the “J” with an “H” for pronunciation, this applies to most Spanish words).

Directions from the San José Airport using old highway through the mountains are as follows.

Keep in mind: You can always ask the car rental agencies to give you their directional maps on how to get to Jacó.

Typically there is tourist information (Pamphlets, Brochures) at the far end of the luggage carousel at the airport. A great magazine to pick up providing Costa Rican highlights is called “Central Pacific Way” - free at the service counter!

Prepare to drive approximately 2 hours from the San José airport to Hermosa Palms. This drive is picturesque as you escalate and descend mountains rich in tropical green foliage all the while you approach the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy breathtaking views at one or both of the cafés (located on the left of the highway) at the very top of the mountains where most visitors like to stop for a refreshment or washroom break.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is a ‘must see’ tourist attraction 45 minutes south of Jacó. So just as you drive out from Hermosa Beach simply turn right onto the Coastal Highway. You will go past a region called Esterillos (lots of beaches). Simply, take any beach road (they are identified) and follow it to the shore. As you drive along, you will notice many new developments; most noteworthy is the Del Pacifico. They are in the process of opening many new shops. As you pass through a small town called Parrita you will eventually come to a town called Quepos. At this point, you will make a left hand turn following the signs to the park. You will be taken up a steep section with many roadside cafés, eateries and motels. The park is about 10 minutes from here. There is a large street-side market leading up to the park. Just beyond this there is paid parking (possibly $2.00). Visitors strongly recommend hiring a guide most of whom are found wearing park style uniforms, speaking several languages and offering their services to you. You can negotiate the fee if you feel it warranted. With a guide, you are practically assured to see the assortment of animals, birds and other species of wildlife living within their natural habitats.

Overview map of Costa Rica (click here or on map for larger version)

If you are coming from the airport or Garden Court Hotel and Casino, or the car rental places near the airport, keep in the middle lane of the divided highway heading west and follow the sign that says San Ramón. You are on the #1 highway heading westerly. Stay on it for about 10 minutes. You are not going to San Ramón, but it keeps you in the proper lane when another road splits off to the right near the airport. Otherwise one can get jammed off into this other road. You will go past The Dos Pinos dairy and when you see some large oil tanks on your left you are nearing an exit you must take. It will say, “Atenas”. Exit here, turn left and go overtop of the highway; any sign at this point that says Los Sueños Marriott, Jacó, Orotina or Quepos is safe to follow. Follow the road up and down the mountain on Highway #3. You will pass through a town called Orotina where there are numerous roadside fruit markets. You will see signs to Jacó or Los Sueños Marriott (an area called Herradura). Once you approach a long bridge preceded by some gift shops with towels fluttering in the wind, you may want to stop and stroll along the bridge to see the large crocodiles. There are also washrooms at the shop on the right.

Continue along towards Jacó and you will soon see the ocean. Go past the road that says Los Sueños Marriott. You will see a new shopping plaza on the corner (look for the lighthouse) with a new modern grocery store called “Auto Mercado”. You may want to get your groceries here, as you are only 20 minutes from Hermosa Palms. There is another grocery store (“Mas X Menos) on the main street of Jacó or (“Maxi Bodegas”) at the entrance to Jacó as well.

At this plaza there is a movie rental / internet shop. The restaurant at the left end of the plaza has great food. For other choices, go to the Los Sueños Marriott and enjoy fine dining at the hotel (La Neuvo Latina) or have a lunch at the “Hook Up” at the Marina. The Marriott hotel is only 5 minutes from this shopping plaza. If you choose not to stop, continue along towards Jacó and you will see several exits that lead into town. Go past them all. On the other side of town you will see signs that say Club del Sol and Club Del Mar, and at this point you are only 5 minutes away from Hermosa Beach and your rental home. You will go past a strip of hotels and restaurants. At the very last hotel, “The Backyard”, take a right on the road that leads you to Hermosa Palms. The road is narrow and follows behind Hermosa Beach.

Hermosa Palms is about 1 mile down the road following along behind the beach. You will meet up with the Guarded Gate of the entrance to Hermosa Palms – you are Home! Welcome and we hope you enjoy Casa Savannah in Hermosa Palms, Costa Rica!

other nearby sites

On the way back from the park stop at the Cliffside restaurant with the big Hercules plane sitting in their parking lot. Great view and breeze.

Another park is the Carara National Park, 30 minutes back towards the long bridge with the crocodiles at the Tarcoles river.

One unbelievable experience you do not want to miss is a visit to Villa Caletas. Plan to visit by at least 4:30 during the day. To get there, simply go back towards the Los Sueños intersection and ascend a long hill as if you were heading to Orotina. It's only a few minutes from the shopping plaza (with the lighthouse). Take an abrupt left hand turn across the highway to get into their driveway. Follow it up the mountain. On top of this mountain (that has an impressive 2,000 foot drop!) sits a spectacular hotel / restaurant boasting not only superb hospitality and cuisine, but one of the most magnificent panoramic cliff top views in Costa Rica! Most guests like to sip their favorite refreshment while watching the stunning Costa Rican sunsets. Also impressiv, is their exquisite infinity pool considered one of the most beautiful in the world!

facts about Costa RicaSOURCE: wikipedia

and largest city
San José
official language spanish
recognised regional language Mekatelyu
ethnic groups 80% caucasian
15% mestizo
3% black
1% amerindian
1% chinese
government constitutional democracy
(presidential republic)
independence declared:
   sept. 15, 1821
recognized by Spain:
   may 10, 1850
area 51,100 km2 (19,652 sq mi)
(population density)
(May 2009 estimate)
(85/km2, 220/sq mi)
currency Costa Rican colón (CRC)
time zone UTC-06
drives on the right
internet TLD .cr
calling code +506