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On world renowned Playa Hermosa in Jacó, Costa Rica.

Visitors fall immediately in love with Jacó (pronounced “Hawco”) - a super friendly, quaint little “sufer” town with a carefree Spanish charm.

Situated just 5 – 10 minutes from Casa Savannah is Jacó (pronounced “Hawko”). It sits adjacent to the world renowned picturesque Jacó Beach – destination for Surfers from all over the world! Unique little cafés and shops line the streets of Jacó offering everything from distinctive souvenir items through to the finest in authentic Costa Rican art and décor. Jacó's architecture balances contemporary with its backdrop of several prominent, luxurious sky scraping condominiums with a mix of west coast history found in colourful beach homes along Jacó Beach.

This same balance of eclectic traditional contemporary is seen within its commercial activity offering consumers independently run Costa Rican products and products from large international American chains like Subway and Food Stores owned by Wal-Mart. This way Travelers can still enjoy the cultural Costa Rican experience without sacrificing their familiar brand name products found in pharmacies, medical clinics, grocery and convenience stores.

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Visitors always report how safe they feel. Although this could be attributed to the hospitality of the locals, it is also because Police are visibly seen patrolling the streets and communities regularly on foot, bikes and vehicles. Another point to offer ‘peace of mind’ is that Costa Rica boasts having one the best health care systems in the World!

Jacó also stays connected with the rest of the world with its several internet cafés. Other services found in Jacó include unique and personalized Charters for Snorkelling, Diving and Fishing and, of course, offers many distinctive surf board rental agencies that can't wait to “fit” you with your own board! Jacó Beach is the best beach to learn to surf and all shops offer lessons.


Other adventure tours available in Jacó include: ATV Riding, Dune Buggy Excursions, Horseback Riding Adventures, and of course, Zip Line Expeditions! One highly recommended Zip Line Location is found opposite Club del Sol, 1 minute before Club Del Mar (South Side of town just 5 minutes from the house).

a morning in Jacó

What most will say they enjoy the best is going in to Jacó for an early morning walk on the beach and then meandering through the town to visit the Farmers market to pick up delicious fresh, local daily produce and then settling in to their favourite café bakery for a delicious breakfast – oh and along with their freshly brewed cup of Costa Rican coffee!


Strolling along the streets of Jacó you will take delight in the restaurants offering an assortment of reasonably priced cuisine! For example, visitors enjoyed a delectable and generous serving of fresh Tuna for 4 and were pleasantly surprised to only pay $60.00 USD (Posiedon Restaurant).

Popular restaurants most enjoyed by visitors include: The Wish bone, Poseidon, La Nuevo Latina at the Marriott, as well as stopping at Club Del Mar for breakfast, dinner or an evening beverage. They also have a spa, telephone and a wireless internet signal.

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